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How to Use Course Picker

  1. Can I make several schedules?

    Yes, just open this course picker in several browser windows or tabs. They operate independently from one another.

  2. Why can I not select some courses?

    Courses that are not offered this semester are not displayed by Course Picker (because we don't have any information on when they will be offered).

  3. How do I see what courses are offered at a particular time?

    Both schedules are interactive meaning that you can click on the squares in either the mini schedule or on the "Full Calendar View" schedule to see which classes are offered at any particular time.

  4. Which browsers are supported?

    Course Picker works best on Chrome and Firefox but we have also tested on Safari and have done limited testing on mobile devices.

  5. How do I save my courses?

    You can login by clicking the "Login" link located in the center of the top panel. After you log in all your picked classes will automatically be saved for future use.

  6. Where do I go to give feedback or report a bug?

    Please email us with any questions, concerns, or bugs that you may find.

General Information

  1. Where is the official course catalogue? Here it is.

  2. What do the "units" numbers mean? The numbers mean, in order:

    • recitation and lecture
    • lab, design, or fieldwork
    • preparation

  3. Where can I find more about HASS requirements? See this official page.

  4. Where can I see course evaluations?

    We encourage you to click the "Show more details" link under every class and input your ratings and comments for each class. You can also see ratings and comments made by other students as well as the course evaluations conducted by the registrar and HKN (for course 6 classes).

  5. Who made this course picker?

    See the Credits page.